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Improving environmental sustainability and social responsibility of fisheries and seafood supply chains

Sustainable fisheries


Naunet Fisheries Consultants is a consultancy firm specialized in the design, planning, execution and management of fisheries related projects. We work at all the stages of the seafood chain, from catch to consumption, providing consulting services to the seafood industry, NGOs, management bodies and other marine stakeholders to promote the sustainable use of marine resources.

In recent years, we have been conducting fisheries assessments, value chain analysis and market studies, providing advice on a range of seafood sustainability and social responsibility issues and designing initiatives to improve living conditions in coastal communities in developing and developed countries.


Our team of consultants are highly motivated professionals who are committed to provide our customers with high quality affordable services adapted to their needs. Our consultants are able to work in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and French and they have more than twenty years of experience working in fisheries projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Therefore, we have a very good knowledge about the fisheries sector at the international level, its strengths and weaknesses and the problems it faces. 


Naunet offers a wide range of services in the areas of fisheries assessment and management, seafood markets (value chain analysis, market studies, sustainable certifications, traceability), marine environmental issues (mitigation and monitoring strategies, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and community development (livelihood studies, capacity building). 


We have worked extensively in fisheries related projects. Our experience ranges from the characterization of coastal fisheries and their impacts on marine resources, to work aboard commercial fishing vessels collecting scientific information and verifying compliance with international fisheries regulations. 


Naunet has carried out projects for a number of marine stakeholders, including the seafood industry, non-governmental organisations, international management bodies, government agencies and certification bodies. To know more about the clients we have worked with, use the "Find more" option below.



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